Welcome everyone to the new Mind, Body and Spirit Section of the Magazine

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31 Jan
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The Journal would like to welcome everyone to the new Mind, Body and Spirit Section of the Magazine.

Each month we will be taking a look at different Life Style choices and Complimentary Therapies that may be of interest and benefit to you from different Practitioners.

Complimentary Therapists work along side Doctors, Hospitals and Traditional Medicine, not in place of. The whole ´wellness´of a person mentally, emotionally and physically, can affect their healing. The Mind and Soul of a person are strong and can make an enormous difference to the process of healing and state of their own wellness.

I personally have experienced a variety of Methods and Treatments, that enable me to feel that I can share those experiences with honesty and truth. I believe that one should be analytical and wary when venturing in to this territory, ensuring that a Professional Practitioner is found.

In 1948 The World Health Organisation gave their definition of health as ´health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being´. Well-being or Wellness, being a balance of physical, social, spiritual, emotional, intellectual and occupation of oneself.

My background is varied, working within Holiday Hospitality, Sales, Marketing, Administration, Hairdressing & Beauty, Training & Development and the Police Service. I also have a background in Reiki Healing, Energy Healing, Tarot Reading and Mediumship.

In my mind I can see some of you rolling your eyes, ´tree hugger´, I hear you cry, well, yes actually. Never knock the Vibrational Effect of living matter. We are, after all, Energy and Vibration ourselves. We are it and are affected by it. Negative energy can be held on to and manifest physically. Over the years I have experienced many Therapies, dipped my toe in the waters, to experience different Life Styles, some a bit weird and out there, others more acceptable in our Modern Society. I have learnt that we should always try, experience for ourselves, before making a judgement or judging others.

Being a Practitioner of Reiki and Energy Healing, I was looking for another experience, something else to test out! Through this search and my own inner circle of friends, I met Rianna McCulloch from Torrevieja and had a therapy of ´Sound Healing´ session.

It was an amazing experience for me, the vibration of the Healing could be felt moving and shifting energy. Afterwards, I felt light, refreshed and much more positive, as I had felt very low with some physical aspects of my life.

I asked Rianna to tell me more about her background and the Sound Healing.

Sound Healing by Rianna McCulloch

I became interested in Sound Healing when I was learning to become a Reiki Teacher in 2004. I bought my first Tibetan Singing Bowl and started to experiment using it on family and friends. At first, I introduced them into my Yoga Classes. I'm sure that some of my Yoga Students only came along to Yoga for the 10 minute Singing Bowl Savasana at the end of the class!

Over the years, I have collected a variety of musical instruments to use in my Sound Healing Sessions and in the Qihai Centre, where I teach Yoga and Workshops.

Sound Healing Therapy uses aspects of music to improve your physical and emotional health, creating an all over sense of well being. Sound not only helps with inducing relaxation, but also is a way of moving through areas of blockages. Energetic Blockage Areas can be located in our Physical Bodies, Subtle Bodies or both.

Sound Healing may involve moving to the sound of music, chanting (Using mantras or prayers) meditating or playing a musical instrument, for example, a Tibetan Singing Bowl, Drum, Tuning Fork, Gong, Shakers, etc.

In my own Treatments, I have been using my Tibetan Bowls and other musical instruments to help people with anxiety, depression, loss of hearing, stress, memory loss (Dementia), learning difficulties, psychiatric disorders and many other conditions.

Sound Bowls are often called Tibetan Sound Bowls because of their origin and were used by the Tibetan Monks in the Monasteries from as far back as the Third Millennium. Unfortunately, there are no ancient scriptures, mainly because the Teachings were taught orally as part of a Master - Disciple relationship. The reason for this severity, was to avoid the knowledge falling into the hands of ´unworthy people´.

What can you expect from a Sound Healing Session?

Usually, it will be a One-to-One experience. The Practitioner may ask you to sit or lay down, which ever is more comfortable for you. In my Sound Healing Sessions, I like to explain that different sounds may bring up different experiences, for example, some people relax and fall into a deep sleep, other people can become very emotional. Discomfort and even slight sensations of pain may be experienced by others. This is merely the Energy re-adjusting itself in the body, where there was some kind of imbalance.

I use a Drum and Wind Gong over the body to begin the Treatment, then place Singing Bowls on, around or above the body. I am usually guided intuitively as to where to go, where to move and for how long to use the Bowls and how many to use. The Singing Bowls are placed on different parts of the body, using the Vibration and the Sound to work on the Energy level of the Patient to restore balance and well being once again. The tuning fork is used on different points of the body to stimulate Meridians (Energy Channels), releasing blocked or stagnant energy.

There is so much more to be experienced from a Sound Healing Session on a Mind, Body and Spiritual Level!

Rianna McCulloch

Kundalini, Hatha, Yin Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Healer, Sound Healer, Colour Mirror Practioner.

Rianna can be contacted through her Facebook page ´Yoga Stretch and Tone with Rianna´ or email randp5@hotmail.com

You can see how Vibration and Music affects us, a sad song inducing tears, releasing emotions or uplifting songs bringing joy and happiness.

Corina Talbot

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