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3 Mar
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Happy March everyone,

I would like to thank you all for the interest that you have shown in this page and for your wonderful comments and continued support.

For those that have known me for many years, will know that I used to be a dedicated Gym Bunny, oh yes! I have spent many hours Spinning, doing Body Pump, Cycling and generally anything that made me burn calories and sweat a lot. Because that´s the way you stay fit, right? I suffered 12 years with an Arthritic Hip problem, that just got worse and ended up with me only being able to walk a few agonising paces with a stick. I really didn’t like it and felt quite embarrassed, as I was only in my 40’s, leading me to give up all exercise and become a bit of a couch potato and be quite negative about myself. It really was a downward spiral, however, the wonderful Health Service here in Spain helped me with a Hip Replacement 3 years ago. The Surgeon said that I could walk, walk, then walk some more, but none of the other exercise that I used to do. 

I was talking to a friend of mine, Clare Wells, recently sharing how I was feeling and being a woman of a certain age; that I had lost my confidence with exercising. Well, she has opened my eyes to activity that I had never thought of before! My life is very busy and by the time this issue is out, I will have started with some sessions of Pilates. Clare is very passionate about helping people with their Health & Fitness and is proving a font of knowledge. So I begin a journey of recovery and I asked Clare more about it…………..

Corina Talbot

It has always been a passion of mine to assist others to reach their Goals, whether they be on a physical or mental level. I was drawn to Pilates as a way of Healing, connecting with the Mind and Body.

Due to the concentration required, the Mind is focused and this will allow the Body to heal from inside and out.

There are many Health Benefits to Pilates, whilst not necessarily obvious due to its ´slow´nature. Pilates can enhance the ´Flexibility & Strength´of the whole body.

In the 1920’s, Joseph Pilates from Germany, introduced his method in America, to help injured Athletes and Dancers to return to exercise and fitness safely. The results were obvious and flowed in to the main stream of exercise suitable for all.

Pilates can be Aerobic and Non Aerobic, however, before the word aerobic causes panic, let me explain the meaning of Aerobic Activity. It does not have to mean jumping around, causing breathlessness, Aerobic means promoting the circulation of the oxygen through the Blood, which will increase the rate of breathing. Any increase in breathing, translates into Aerobic Activity.

It is always advisable to seek Medical Advice before embarking on any new exercise programme.

So, back to Pilates – Lengthening & Stretching all the major Muscle Groups. Pilates can help you get strong and lean, in a controlled and balanced way. Each movement requires concentration to find your ‘centre point´ to control your body. No muscle is worked to the point of exhaustion.

There are many benefits of continuing with a regular Pilates routine, which will include improved flexibility, strength, enhanced muscular control, improved stability of the Spine, better posture, an increase in lung capacity, body awareness, improved concentration, stress management and yes, relaxation.

Naturally, we want to see changes overnight, however, in reality there is no miracle! Although, you can expect to see results relatively quickly.

To quote Joseph Pilates ´in 10 sessions you will feel better and in 20 sessions you´ll look better´. 

Pilates is a great way to get fit and stay in shape, no matter of your age or fitness level, particularly good after any absence of exercise and Surgeries of any type. You can go to a Class or be in the comfort of your own home. So, why not give it a try!

Clare Wells

BA Science (Open) with Honours 31/12/2004

Diplomas in Health Science - Sport & Fitness with Exercise Instruction - Sport, Fitness & Coaching 21/12/1999

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