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31 Jan
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No 01 – Essential oils – These can be handy to rub on your wrists or put a few drops on your pillow before you drift off. They are also great added to a hot relaxing bath. These ones are from Neal's Yard but you can now find Essential oils in

No 02 – Herbal Teas – Pop these in your bag for work or have them to relax on the sofa when you get home. I always get caffeine-free ones but with so much choice on the market, you can try a new flavor this year. These Pukka ones are detoxing and delicious.

No 03 – Note pad and Pen –

When you feel overwhelmed its good to right a list, or even a few lists. This way you can see clearly the things you need to do and tick them off one by one. I also write a gratitude list so every day writes 3 things that were good about your day. By doing this we are training our brains to focus on the positives and not just the negatives.

No 04 – Crystals – I love crystals and they have been proven to have healing properties. By keeping a crystal in my pocket it can help as a little bit of positive energy when you are in a stressful situation. These are Rosa Quartz – good for Calm, Love and Friendship.

No 05 - Trainers – Yes its true that a little exercise can help shift the brain patterns by forcing your mind and body to move forward. Exercise also releases endorphins and gives you’re the headspace to think so even if you don’t like running a speed walk around the block can help shift your focus and bring you some clarity – I love these Nike ones but any trainers will do.

No 06 – a sleep mask – If like me you have trouble sleeping when you are stressed a sleep mask can really help. It forces the yes shut and enables you to truly switch off. You can now get sleep masks with lavender in to smooth and relax you. Even if it’s a day time napa sleep mask can help you switch off for 10 mins before you carry on with your day.

This month make your-self a health first aid kit and have it on stand by for when you need it. We are all constantly on our phones or in front of a computer screen and apparently in the past year 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. (Results of the Mental Health Foundation's study). So, the key to coping is being prepared and by taking small steps we can find solutions to deal with daily stress. Here are our picks for a Health first kit but you can put whatever you want in it, so get creative.

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